How to get nominated to be a Nobel Peace Prize Winner

By M. Quaium Chowdhury : You can’t nominate Yourself or Others for the Peace Prize, and you can’t even Campaign to be chosen as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. However the Selection Process of the Nobel Peace Prize — is very very tough for the following reasons: At The first Meeting of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee after the February 1 — deadline for the Nominations, — the Committee’s Permanent Secretary — presents the list of the year’s Candidates to the Nobel Prize Committee. The Committee may in that occasion add further names to the List of Nomination — after which the Nomination Process is closed. And then — *** Discussion on that Particular Candidate Begins. In the light of this First Review, the Nobel Committee draws up the So-called Short List — i. e. The List of Candidates — Who are selected for more thorough consideration.The short list typically contains from 20 to 30 Candidates.
** The Candidates on the short list are considered by — the Nobel Institute’s Permanent Advisers in addition to the Institute’s Directors and Research Directors.The Body of Advisers — generally consists of a small Group of Norwegian University Professors with Broad Expertise in different Subject areas — with a bearing on the Peace Prize.The Advisers usually takes a couple of months to enquire and investigate — along with other Norwegian and Foreign Experts.
When the Advisers’ Reports have been presented, the Nobel Committee — conducts a thorough-going discussion of the most likely Candidates.
** In this important stage — the Advisers obtain Additional Information and updates about Candidates from Additional Experts, usually from Foreign Countries. ** As a Rule — the Nobel Committee reaches a decision — only at it’s Last Meeting before the announcement of the Nobel Prize — at the beginning of October.
** The Nobel Prize Committee tries to — arrive into it’s unanimous Selection of the Peace Prize Laureates ( the title of Nobel Peace Prize Winners ), -” Who done the most or the best work for fraternity between Nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies, and — for the holding and promotion of peace congress “, — ” as well as those head of the States — who has earned the Sky high popularity, Brought Remarkable prosperity and progress of his Country — upholding the Fundamental Democratic & Human Rights of all Citizens of his Country including those of opposition Political Parties”. In very rare Occasions — when this is impossible — the Nobel Peace Prize Selection is decided by a simple majority.
** The Nobel Prize Committee never — announces the names of the Nominees, — neither to the Media nor to the Candidates themselves before 50 years.
** Sometimes our most expected — Renowned People fail to win the — Nobel Peace Prize. The most possible reasons behind this is — the National and International Political Conflict, hostility, and so on.
** For Example, Pakistan and Turkey along with their agents — would secretly conspire against someone from Bangladesh — not to win Novel Peace Prize. Similarly Russia and India along with their agents — would do the same against someone in Turkey or Pakistan. (Material facts And informationsfrom Internet Research).
Written by: M. Quaium Chowdhury. Lawyer, Supreme Court of Bangladesh. President, US-Bangladesh Progressive Democracy and Human Rights Forum. Convener, Association for Peace and Prosperous Bangladesh. Ph. 917 312. 9170.